Why Learn Ethical Hacking?

Understand A Hackers Mindset

The most obvious benefit of learning ethical hacking is its potential to improve and inform on how a corporate network is defended. For any organization, when it comes to Cyber Security, the primary threat is a black hat hacker. And by learning how they operate, it can help defenders identify and prioritize potential menaces.

Know Hidden Techniques and Explore Better Ways

By ethical hacking into the system, you can learn about ample security options, which otherwise might have resulted in security breaches. With the right approach, you can know about the best security practices to be followed and new concepts.

Helps with Development and Quality Assurance

Whenever a new product is developed, stakeholders often neglect its security testing due to a time crunch, which at times leave the software vulnerable to theft and hacking. But if there is an ethical hacker on board, the security testing can be performed quickly, efficiently and comprehensively with the best industry practices.


Why Learn Ethical Hacking?

Module 1: Building the Foundation of Linux

  • Getting started with Linux terminal.
  • Navigating, Creating, Listing, Manipulating Directories and files.
  • BASH scripting basics.

Module 2: Building the Foundations of Computer Networks

  • Hardware Components of Networks.
  • OSI Model of Networking.

Module 3: OWASP Top 10

  • SQL Injection
  • Brocken Access Control
  • Insecure Deserialization

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