Why Learn Embedded System?

Job Employment

Embedded engineers are currently in high demand. That means you can expect a more than reasonable salary. According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary for an embedded engineer in the United States is around 83,000 USD.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is on the rise, with more than a third of the US workforce alone working as freelancers rather than traditional employers. Embedded engineering is also in high demand with the rise of products like refrigerators and smart home systems and connected devices using more software.


Because of recent innovations in prototyping, crowdfunding, marketing, and manufacturing, it has never been easier — or cheaper — to launch a hardware startup than it is now. With your embedded systems knowledge, you can turn a hardware project into a product that you can manufacture in large quantity to sell out to the market.


Why Learn Embedded System?

Module 1: Introduction to Embedded Systems

  • Definition, Historical milestones
  • Categories of Embedded Systems
  • Architecture of Embedded Systems, Specialties of Embedded Systems

Module 2: ATMEL 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM Microcontroller

  • Architecture
  • Addressing modes
  • Assembly Programming


  • History of PCB/ Types of PCB/Base Material
  • Design Rules IPC-Standard 2221
  • IPC-Video- VT20 & 21 (Reflow Soldering)

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